Knight of Wands

a reminiscing 
of velocity— 
of love encountered
the calm that lives in my bones now
is an equation of
an ache 
slow down
between the sacrum 
and the coccyx
I fold over and spread
slow down
spin dirt angels

on desert spikes

punctured holy, 
the air let out 
galloped eyes 
on miles of sleep
hurry to the medicine, 
hurry to the protein
slow down
hurry to the morning, 
where night awaits
in the crooked spine of dawn
you are life unfolding from the sacrum
a bruised coccyx plays a wind-up song
 through your laughter
you are ready for the riots, 
to speak of enlightenment
your hair steeps inside a hot bath
a teabloom with lungs
you are ready for ascension from this brewing 
slow down