The Tower Reversed

I meant to ignore it all, 
even as it all smashed
into my spine 
cracking open the pillars that held me upright 
I am tired of talking about myself, 
we are tired of seeing ourselves reflected in each other
you fall
I fall
we all fall
we all die
we all hurt
we all fear
we all swim to any source of light, even if it’s dark
abysmal clarity pays the highest compliments
what we learn, is that whatever failed us, will fail us again
that we are hurt by what we hurt and we are broken by what we leave unrepaired
nothing is here to kill us, 
we can do that ourselves without too much effort
we cry and dream of strange fish in our mouths
we see all of our lives spread out on a table
we cry at the thought of deserving good things
as if we were destined to only swallow blades and never get parched
we are god and the devil and the angels and the stars and the dirt and the sugar and the sun
we are not
what we’d hope we’d be
that’s a blessing
since we don’t know 
love is
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