I’m heroin flowing through spiked vein

& the thunder that follows.

I’m the missing pages in a used book

& the dust you inhale.

I’m the love spoken of, but not wanted.

The unsubtle truth behind satire.

I’m the red dress you once wore

but no longer fits,

sitting as a reminder of better days.

I’m the moment before impact, after a long leap of faith,

to arms that never fully opened.

I’m the rain on a summer day

& the heat that makes it fade away. 

I know what I am,

but do you?

Can you feel the eyes of discontent?

Do you feel their words of hate?

When masked behind smiles,

Do you feel loved,

when no one really cares enough

to find out what love is?

I know what I am,

one day,

most of you will taste

what it is, 

to be real too.

Andrew B is a rapper turned poet from East L.A. He started writing heavily in 2018, as a means to tell his ex to fuck off.

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