Jacarandas in May

We got married when the jacarandas were in bloom— hotel rooms listened to us make love as husband and wife. We got married in private—quarantined in our vows, we told no one. This was our choice and our day, our way—the city hollered purple in celebration—why wait?!! We didn’t. We got married when the jacarandas…… Continue reading Jacarandas in May


mimic,  pretend  you’re sadistic  and sloppy, a body of riots silenced, the shadows you cast  object the way your body moves,  they send mathematics to cut you in half you’re a negative fraction,   a curve  and a flat line  congruent or solid,  I’m not good with numbers, or equations I’m better at signaling ships,  idling…… Continue reading coinciding

tiny blessings

I’m an average name  behind eyes,  a cylindrical laugh in the thighs,  I simmer and boil and decline,  a plane crash swooped with a spine,  or a flight of a wing intertwined the cure in my blood  is the balm,  obtained from the sun when it’s calm some of us are lucky that way,  to…… Continue reading tiny blessings

tell your mother

Relax, take comfort in the discomfort of your eggs hatching, dress in your favorite color and celebrate the mundanity of prayer. Try to remember the sunsets you’ve witnessed sitting a car. Turn into a splendid rain and smear the sins you carry all over the city. Explain yourself, but only if you want. Bathe in…… Continue reading tell your mother

digestion and circulation

There is therapy in the 2006 remastered version of “The Blood,” by The Cure. There is also therapy in therapy,  even if it’s me talking to a screen in my kitchen, while my therapist tells me that labels are unnecessary. There is therapy in vitamins and ritual, apples with peanut butter. There is therapy in…… Continue reading digestion and circulation

Hindsight is 20/20

My whole day revolves around a regimen. I wake up. 1.) remember to keep breathing 2.) apple cider vinegar, lemon and water to digest all the bullshit 3.) wormwood, for the gut to roll its rounds of elegies and allegories in the stillness of that same breathing 4.) tincture: bitterness hidden in my syntax and…… Continue reading Hindsight is 20/20

cyan and magenta

Drown in as many hot baths as it takes to makeyour fault lines disengage as good as you want to feel is as good as it gets Thank the crevice of your forgetfulness for the uncut seraphs it spits out at church everyone is sinning when they kneelthey lick their fingers and salivate at temptationBlaspheme…… Continue reading cyan and magenta

the wraith of the 1 p.m. nap

bathroom stall squeaked white in high rise,  quaked  toothpaste stained  sink dim lit  you under covers,hiding,  your face peeking out   like a crumb you’re my father  but you are also,  my burden } temblor { feet ripen into suckers grounded, heaving holding, the burden  in his bed, and my heart is nowhere near a…… Continue reading the wraith of the 1 p.m. nap