I have this full length mirror, a housewarming gift from a friend. It swivels up and down and it doesn’t stay put unless I lean it against a wall. I keep it dirty, full of dust, thwarting my very existence when I look at myself … Continue reading

  “Your pussy is magick.” he says between heavy wheezing. His asthma is acting up. We smoke too much.   We’ve been up for hours, talking. The way new lovers talk. Curiously. Drowsily. Heavily.   While the city sleeps, we make love. I haven’t slept … Continue reading

I’m bleeding. sullied thighs, teary-eyed, ravenous. My man is sympathetic.  Buys me wine, ice-cream, weed.  Makes love to me and doesn’t mind when I stain the bed. It’s a good life. Another day at the office, and today they are trying to appeal to our … Continue reading

Do you ever think about getting all your ex-lovers together and putting them in a room so they can have a meet-and-greet? You know, ask each other questions, compare notes and hesitantly but curiously ask, “Did she eat your ass?” secretly hoping he was the … Continue reading

  watching your parent’s age is like watching yourself die. I can’t imagine losing them, yet, I’ve killed them in my head a long time ago. My mother taught me about death as a kid, she sat me down one day and looked me in … Continue reading

so the probability of dying is inevitable. It could happen in our sleep, our cars, in our homes, at work. You forget where you're at when you work on the 9th floor. I have this wonderful view, the kind most people take for granted after … Continue reading

lunch comes whenever my hunger grinds on my guts it varies in time, depending on my menses sometimes I'm ravenous, sometimes I'm a drought I'm velcroed to my desk chair, strapped in like a submissive my master is my paycheck, he determines my quality of … Continue reading

it is a perpetual fatigue that sleeps with me, wakes up with me i'm not even sure how i get to work sometimes all of a sudden, i'm at my desk and there's a hot cup of coffee in my hands it's shit coffee, but … Continue reading