National Poetry Month 2021

when you calmly leave me alone,

I stumble into sunlit repetition

a godless bravery punctures 

the soles of my feet

I suck them until the foot

in my mouth is a metaphor

to say so much with so little, 

to find nutrition in filth—

I am the child of nothing 

a well 

antenatal—a breeched poem solemn in repose

I and you embroider our existence with a 

putrid inclination that who we are

and how we are

is climatic, our chance at grace

was lost, 

whenever we witnessed 

the stars 

dying in the sweeping 

alone, I throb

all mechanics shift into all gears

my eyes twitch and forget to see, and instead weep

a splinter reminds me to stay present, 

a man makes vulgar art of me, 

a woman betrays me 

and yet

I still lay on her symmetry

suckle life in unison with the sirens

trying to save

whatever breath is left

of whoever is waiting

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