Full Moon in Cancer

Whoever is reading this, remember, you are DIVINE but that does not mean I OWE YOU MY TIME OR FRIENDSHIP. Still, I love you. This soft but boiling Full Moon has me in my heart. It also has me getting rid of books, papers, clothes and people. Not that I had much of any left…… Continue reading Full Moon in Cancer

new moon in Libra

So, today was a big day, and for all it’s worth I am free of debt and I am bleeding and what better way to call in the spirits and the apocalypse than with blood and a clean slate. Spells and intentions sell, but I’m interested in love and baseball. Such a strange thing to…… Continue reading new moon in Libra

333//new life

The concept of God.  A fluid escape. I did a ritual on the full moon where I lit a black candle and wrote down everything I wanted to send away. I saged my space & myself—vocalized my intentions and saw the end result. Felt the end result. Left the candle burning for 5 days and…… Continue reading 333//new life

a letter

Dear Body, I haven’t been good to you. I sometimes don’t understand how you’re still alive and thriving. I think I’ve hated you because people used you and I figured you weren’t worth much after that. I can’t tell you why I hurt you so many times, only that it felt good, at least temporarily…… Continue reading a letter

god’s mother’s breast

It is wiser to look at anyone and remember that they too have cried in the bosom of nothing, lost their will to live, missed their mother’s breast, subtracted parts of themselves to fit easily into another’s life and tripped while no one was watching. The question of, “is it only me?” reminds me that…… Continue reading god’s mother’s breast


I am Sagittarius, four legs one head,  a woman abhorring all the people she misled pretending what she says, means anything important a boring recollection of the dreams that all went dormant not by any means her fault, it never is it’s easy to pretend, it takes guts to live loud— obnoxious, she cannot be…… Continue reading sagittarius

hoary baby

“baby”. fortyseven, 5’3″,white,waste. needy with breath and breasts, mechanical, a slippery mouth is a Man’s wettest dream, skilled in deceit plasticity. Uncasual. uncute. the glitter perfume of Public encounters dismisses the sweet sloth somatic doe eyed & tediously trite truth. Catty. a whore. fiftyfour.                                   hindered beast hands diverted by limp dolls and dead eye…… Continue reading hoary baby

being a nobody

It’s been so long since I felt this free.  I think getting health insurance again has helped. All of last year I felt like I was dying. Meaning, I know we’re all dying since the day we were born, but I mean the kind of dying that was happening because of my stress, anxiety and…… Continue reading being a nobody