31 days of songpoems

*My senior year of HS was a shit show, I’m sure yours was too, more or less. I was on meth, weighed about 117 lbs. and had an extensive collection of velvet, lace and bustiers. Goth in the 90’s was F U N! Mostly because it meant that you had to be creative cause you were probably poor as fuck. This song is special to me for many reasons, but mostly cause we used to perform it according to the lyrics…it helped I lived in a two-story home. 

“…and don’t forget when your elders forget
To say their prayers
Take them by the legs
And throw them down the stairs

I miss the innocence of being left alone, of creating fun out of music, movies and the dangers of the outside world. Now this wretched phone eats my life away.

Also, this song is about stuffies!

17 and cradled into solitude, a choice/

you’d choose the company of one,

over an amalgamation of none.

wide mouth and crooked teeth cracks laughter

through the walls, a routine of boredom petrifies

a maneuvering of eyes and feet.

inside comfortable lace, possessed and unfurled—landline rings,

machine cries out suggestions of salvation, the culprit

hangs up, we continue to writhe our dead bodies,

wriggling in the floor, our soil, we know our part—the worms

looking for the putrid stench of our youth

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