31 days of songpoems

*2013 was my year of freedom. The kind of freedom that comes from being 33 and living alone for the first time. The freedom of having friends over, drinking, going out and coming home at 4 am without having to answer to NO ONE. The kind of freedom where you can play and sing (loudly) the same song (Always Alright by Alabama Shakes) over and over for months and months and months. My neighbors have been very kind and patient and I am so grateful they never bothered or called the cops on me. 

Anthems are baby bones 

of places untouched,

of stretched limbs popped, 

of simple syrups ripening

into potions—

Crows beg for my song to tremble home,

I shake from the waist down, 

trinkets explode—

Where does sadness go in this great epidemic? 

How about love?

Who should I be when I wake up?

How do you take your coffee? 

Where is the alright?

How do I taste after a night of healing?

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