31 days of songpoems

* I have essays on how Madonna saved me, so I won’t bore you with the nuances. But I will say that “Bad Girl,” was an anthem for me. I started smoking at 13 and was raped at 5. There are so many emotions that surfaced and most of the time I allowed myself to indulge in them. Be it sex, drugs, and all the beautiful things young angry creatures do. It’s a rite of passage, right? Anyways, this song’s video featured a semi-young Christopher Walken playing “Death,” so I was obviously smitten. It still plays in my veins sometimes, if I listen to it in the silence of my growth. 

I am giving of my heart. 

I invite 

on a string,

 [my haunt];

a harsh mouth exhumes,

is exhausted.

An acrid laugh

leaves the corners of 

my bore.

A warm hand holds my hip, 

I move away, 

in nestled frigid incantation—

Pale in the cold winter air

is a hope, that a sad devil

will suspend

a loving trance

a loving scare.

I wait.

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