31 days of songpoems

2002. My birthday. One gift from my then boyfriend. Sevas Tra by Otep. Otep was a Nu Metal band with a female vocalist and it was an acronym of Poet, and Sevas Tra was Art Saves backwards. I was so angry those days. More than I am now. Much much more. I was writing to Richard Ramirez at this time. Otep fueled me. I saw her live many times and finally met her. I hugged her sweaty body and when she saw me in the front row, she invited me to sing “My Confession” with her. Best feeling in the fucking world. 

“- this is where I hide my power – this is where I become free – this is where I take control – and slowly choke your fantasies – I want to know my day is coming – see my enemies be punished – shed my skin again – this will be my best revenge!!”

we have to start somewhere, somewhere is where we start

sadness sounds a lot like everyone in close proximity, 

we look for a flame 

in decay 

we attempt growth

in the skin lies the answer, 

<L I S T E N>

wrong turn wrong turn wrong turn

bald head speaks of redemption

barren and pregnant with the nerves of a lunatic


the moon is always to blame,

something is always to blame

I am ardor in revenge 

where I strip my skin

you will feed

I have no mercy

I am free

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