31 days of songpoems

* I don’t remember the year I heard this song for the first time—but I

do remember it was winter—and colder than normal. 

My heart was broken, but I don’t remember who broke it.

I was breaking the corks on cheap wine with a pen—

drinking it and spitting out the shreds.

I was snorting lines of glass off of my dirty table. Rolling joints—

This Morrissey song on repeat—a fragrant clove between my lips. I sit back on a purple blow up sofa I got at Spencer’s—I exhale and feel the drip hit my throat. I help it along with some wine. Repeat—



yet still


Seasick yet

Still docked 


and seasick

Shoot me into the needle of the apple of your eye.

Who is this person with people but alone?

Who climbs cement fences, feline and antiquated—muscles


Parents find you pleasant until you kiss their son or daughter in full view.

This is a love letter to everyone at any time doing any thing.

This is a reminder that history repeats itself 

until you start a new book.

Don’t hang on to yourself anymore— you are so beautiful 

thank you so much for the wonderful gifts 

you have been blessed with.

Keep swimming, keep climbing—keep singing

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