31 days of songpoems

*I don’t talk about my beliefs because they change often. I don’t talk about religion because I don’t believe in much; I believe in everything. I am a student of breath and filth. I love everything that hurts and reminds me I’m breathing. I found this album inside a Botanica in my old wretched town. It was right next to Scardino’s Pizza. I’d frequent this suburban Plaza because there was an indoor mall in the same lot, and also my optometrist was there too. So after eating a slice of pizza and hearing a rhythm that struck my hips and eyes I walked into this small Botanica and felt like I had heard these sounds before. I asked if she had this music available for purchase. She did. His name was Francisco Aguabella & the first track is a beckoning to Elegua. His music was burnt into a sky-blue CD and I paid $15 for it. I went home and played it over and over and over. It is the pulse of the Earth. It beckons my chaos to surface—leaving me calm and exhausted. I listen to it whenever I feel overcome, whenever I feel bad energies from enemies surrounding me. It works every time. The key is— to dance until you can’t. 

a stumbling—

a crawl to rise, 

a tree is all limbs except for its heart; 

expel the rising yeast of your rivals,

make delicious bread

share the wealth instead—

no one is as hungry

as those who resent

starved of affection, we accumulate lists

but as a host you transmute invisibly, 

a sewer can become a lake as long as you can swim  

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