31 days of songpoems

*often, I’ve relied on PJ Harvey to distract, heal, soothe and stroke my misery into something more malleable, less sticky. I visit this album often but I especially go back to the song, “grow grow grow.This song is on repeat in my head, especially during the summer months, since the album was released on May 31, 2004.

Where do I lay when knives fill my back?

A slice of my bad day 


 inside a bird’s nest

 perched outside my window,

catches fire in the summer, a 

song reminiscent 

of childbirth—

a soundstripe hunched,

a freedom and discomfort/

the cold stings my skin, 

bees suck the glands, sweetness

fill their legs 

secrete in secret

the knives slip out as the morning dew 


as I catch my flames, 

an embryo of  

a local god that crushes

whatever pain still remains

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