31 days of songpoems

* When I went to college, I took a shit ton of music classes because in my stupid daydreams, I was gonna be an International Music Journalist, and write for Rolling Stone. Obviously, that didn’t happen but I did learn a lot from the classes and became a Beatles fan in the process. I was more of a Rolling Stones girl when I started my History of Rock n’ Roll class but came out a Beatles fan by the end. The song that did it for me? Norwegian Wood. The teacher told us it was a song about cheating, which makes sense—with the subtle innuendos and weird flirty wordplay. The innocence in him sleeping in the bath instead of her bed makes me wonder if it was just a lyric to cover his own ass. Anyways, it is still my favorite song from my favorite album and it also happens to be the title of my favorite book from Haruki Murakami. 


poetry envies your melodies—

never has a poem touched me like a song—

but lyrics are poems!” 

yes, yes—yes

but————I can live without poetry

but not without music—this I can say with confidence

but the nuance of notes!

language has it too, 

but I’m not here to convince,

I’m here to say I love you,

no matter what happened between us, or how long I ignored you—

No matter who’s loved you before me, or how many times you’ve been with another,

no matter how many men you carry in the pauses, 

clauses wouldn’t understand—

I forgot to write when I was in the throes of articulating 

what it meant to make music, to not just listen

and though

I’ll never play it ever ever ever again—I am confident in my love affair to listening to it—

as I sleep next to my husband, at work, while walking, driving

a privilege to be able to succumb to the melody of being a repeat offender…

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