31 days of songpoems

*I was in a band once called, “Kill Another Skunk.” The name came about because I had accidently run over a skunk one night and I had two musicians in the car with me at the time and the joke became, “Hey Ingrid, try not to kill another skunk, ok?” This is what weed does, it makes you an idiot. One day, as we “jammed” pointlessly in the garage, we started playing covers and decided that we wanted to start a band called, “Kill Another Skunk,” because it sounded cool, mostly. So we played all sorts of covers, and eventually we were asked to play for a High School graduation party. We played a few safe songs and then, we played, “Scentless Apprentice,” by Nirvana. Not really appropriate for a traditional Filipino family gathering but hey—we took a chance. We played it all the way through, said thanks—excused ourselves and headed over to the lumpia. 

flailing hands drip on the hovering mouthpiece, screams leave my mouth

because anger is always easy to trigger, I am the heartbeat underneath my feet

you are the strings screeching, 



we swim in the angst of being too old for love and too young for a mortgage

our jobs wait for us tomorrow and our hands know the pain of not eating when hungry

I ejaculate into the mouth of what serves me, 

I can smell the success of the room, so I give them the best view of my thigh

what does it feel to live like a secret?

How do you kiss when you’re angry?

I’m tired of this hunger, I want to burst at the seams and have you clean up the mess

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