31 days of songpoems

*I had lived with my parents for 33 years and then—as life would have it, we were evicted. I ended up homeless for a bit but eventually found an office job and I was able to move out on my own FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. It was magickal. I’ll never forget holding the keys to my place in my hand. The first piece of mail. The dancing naked while smoking and holding a glass of wine. The falling asleep, wherever. The takeout. The friends. The sleepovers. The crying. The baths. Oh the many many scalding baths. The pain. The hurt. The deaths. The resurrections. All with a lovely soundtrack. Life always needs a soundtrack. Gold Panda’s, “You,” got me through many many sad nights and many many happy days. 

From my tiny apartment, a twinkling appears \\

a celebration of light, a city in uniform

a breath of light illuminates the sky

helicopters dance above 

a suspect at large, 

in my tiny apartment a song 

warms the blood, so does the wine 

no curtains to hide behind

 I’ve wasted too much life

I want to burn, explain my scars, remind myself of 

the maps I’ve written, of where I’m buried

in my tiny apartment, I am the dancer I never was

I am the beautiful I never was

I am the loud I’ve always been

I am all the light that bursts from within

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