31 days of songpoems

*Columbia House. Do y’all remember Columbia House? Do you remember BMG Music? Well, as a music enthusiast and a woman always eager for a deal, a “12 CD’s for the price of 1,” was a fucking dream come true. It was real too. Can you believe it!? IT WAS REAL. They’d send you a nice carton package filled with 12 CD’s and you’d be billed for just 1. Then, you’d be sent a monthly release and you got to decide if you wanted it or not. That’s how I found Björk’Debut album. Luckily, in those days, as soon as an album came out, the music videos followed. The title track, “Human Behaviour,” came on my television screen and it was like nothing I had seen before. A gorgeous little woman with a gigantic voice, talking about,

If you ever get close to a human and human behavior
Be ready, be ready to get confused

whilst being chased by a bear, who is chasing his hunter, who devours the beautiful woman and has her in his belly—singing. It was an incredible thing to see with the innocence that still lived inside me. 

sugar-high screen bliss screams in whispers

TV low, inaudible

(in)—sane thoughts, ignore them

they’ll come back 

misunderstandings neglect 

how we sound when disappointed 

spoon fed by a brute of bad opinions

if we listen to the footsteps, we are hunted  

we prey and pray to never be found out

to get away with picking at our scabs and forgetting to talk back

sniff around for rotten fruit,

eat what doesn’t melt

one day you’ll learn to wash your hands 

with the cards that you’ve been dealt 

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