31 days of songpoems

*I was 15 when I first saw “Natural Born Killers,” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The soundtrack left such an impression that I’ve purchased it more than 20 times in my life because I kept lending it out and never getting it back. I understood how hard it must’ve been to part from such a masterpiece. So no hard feelings. Trent Reznor produced it and it was the first time I had heard something so seamlessly edited into a collage of sound. The artist that stood out most to me was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with his song, “Taboo.”. Till this day, he is my go-to artist when I feel like leaving my body and talking to the Universe.  He was an Angel on Earth and is known in his native Pakistan as the King of Qawwali.

few things hold ancients, 

we are determined to erase ourselves 

as we live

our deaths are never spiritual, 

they are literal

we bleed at every corner

turn on the wrong streets

from the peaks of mountains and steeples 

we understand our every window

we break the glass to breathe

on soft ground we jump to roots of trees

wires hold our blood, we call—no answer

machine voice recites my unavailability back to me

traffic follows the same core that pulls at our tendons

we stay in line and break few rules, 

ascension without wings happens when the heavy body 

revs the gas

no bank statements or shattered cars

clouds of unbroken and unfixed

childhoods take a backseat

we stitch the wound with a flick of the wrist

we sprout wings from our feet

we turn a beautiful shade of green

a brilliant sprig of new 

the sun burns circles in the parts left open

sews itself shut from the outside in

you’re unrecognizable in this new uniform

you smell of everything that’s clean

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