I am Sagittarius, four legs one head, 

a woman abhorring all the people she misled

pretending what she says, means anything important

a boring recollection of the dreams that all went dormant

not by any means her fault, it never is

it’s easy to pretend, it takes guts to live

loud— obnoxious, she cannot be tamed

all the men she’s loved were always entertained

by all of her afflictions, her love and her demeanor

too bad they never knew exactly how to keep her

this is all to say that I practice what I preach

unless I’m under siege, unless I am beseeched

a funeral for enemies explains how I release

I never understood how anyone agrees

to let anyone grab, hold of what is sacred

I’m not concerned on how I’m viewed or even if I’m hated

I realize I’m here, temporarily, 

I know the unholy, of my rarity

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