macular degeneration

I want to erase the “I” in Ingrid.

I want to dig the grid of my eyes, and finally see.

I got these eyes checked on December 3rd, “oh wow, that’s high astigmatism, we recommend you get these specialty lenses so that they won’t look too thick.”

What’s wrong with thick?

What’s wrong with my eyes?

They’re dry, which causes them to become red and tear up. Blurred perception, but you can’t hide. 

How can retinas be dry?

How’s it possible for a viscous ball swimming in my head to somehow dry out?

Same way my pussy is drying up, I guess.

I feel it, each time my excitement builds, my ocean is now a Salton Sea, not always, but sometimes. 

Age comes in folds and dryness. All parts of the body long to be watered. 

All parts of the body deteriorate, soil and seeds of what once held us together, disperse. The passage of time moistens us in other ways. 

My side-eye stays intact, remember that.

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