I want to go home now, my real home (poem #28)

Start from the beginning—

[Life 101]

Hack: do it well only after you get it wrong a million times.

Remember—alphas cry the most.

Agonize a scratched record but rejoice in a broken heart.

Vague sexuality is the equivalent of kleenex.

Daddy issues make a good baby, mommy issues make a delicious bitch. 

Where is youth if not in the smile, not the eyes.

No one will help, but some people are very kind.

Men are more sensitive than women, I know this because their cocks don’t bleed.

Violence usually means, hold me.

Kindness is binary.

Deserts are for everyone to romanticize, but the desert knows if your ankles are broken.

Be a dirty lover and a compassionate executioner.

Fears are relatable because we are all going to die. 

Death is inevitable, so stop pretending you don’t remember the immensity of your insignificance.

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