Queen of Spades

we owned a t.v. 

but mostly 

it was for soccer,

no cartoons,

unless it was Heidi 

and her grandfather 

in the Swiss Alps/

translated into Spanish—

In the tropics, snow is a beautiful illusion

& poverty comes in all climates, 

so does war, 

love and loss/

no amount of supplies 

or batteries 

stops the hail from beating against my cheeks/

I open my mouth, 

a statue, 

open for Heavenly nourishment,

cloud candy/

I am allergic to  things that exist in nature and others 

that should’ve never been manufactured to be consumed:







I am guilty of all the things that have happened to me after the age of 30—

I knew exactly what I was doing, because 30 means adult and 90 means corpse/

I am at a halfway point, almost—and I am in constant worry about what part of my body will fail first?/

my heart has been the weakest, 

but most resilient/

my ankles are stilts, 

and I am the clown in charge of smiles 

I have watched plants bloom under my care and die under my neglect,

this is true of everything and everyone that reaches deep into my roots/


with the 

apple of my tree

leaves many punctured


too many become tolerant/

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