disregard poem #26

I am not well traveled,

I hardly leave my house.

My passport had been expired for decades,

before I left to the Yucatán in 2017.

I am afraid to fly,

because it is unnatural,

we are not birds.

We are tedious flesh,

obtuse and trivial.

I feel the lightness and enormity of our skins in the sky.

I feel heavy metal underfoot, and I weep.

I am hovering where nature breathes, I sigh into recycled air.

I am lucky to be so lucky.

I am an orb of integrity and fear in those moments.

I hold onto nothing,

only my expensive coca-cola and the soft flesh of my husband’s hand.

he smiles and winks,

a reminder of his commitment.

a re-introduction of his love.

…how the Moors introduced rice to Spain.

…how the sky introduces me to pain.

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