With love comes a parade of obstacles.

I’m just thankful for the journey, always thankful. I’ve been lucky in love, I say lucky but what I really mean is lucky for the lessons. Lucky to grow in such a way that I’ve sprouted from all sides. I am infinite, is my conclusion.

But love, fucking love has made me lose limbs, it’s helped me replicate them into robust versions of themselves, only to lose them again. 

In this way, I am, we are always growing. 

A thing I enjoy.

“What are we going to do?”

I stood there, my back to him, him close behind me, his breath on my neck, his words in my ear. 

“I don’t know.” I answered.

I really didn’t know. 

I had a small clue, but nothing like how it played out.  

I knew that this feeling, this knowing was a beast in us of both.

This thing was not concerned with circumstances, it only knew geography and tenacity.

It begged for us to follow, to not ask questions, at least not yet. 

That things would unravel the way they were meant to. 

To let it be. 

Let it be. 

Let it be.

So we indulged, and it rearranged the DNA, hearts sprouted, hearts broke, hearts mended.

The space between us shrunk, shared space in 450 square feet is how we create. 

We look up at stars and clouds from rooftops, and dream the big dream on our bed. 

We plant and plant and dig and dig and dig and grow and grow and grow. 

This love, this union, this coincidence, this fate, this flight, this fight is my greatest lesson. 

Trust gasping for a conclusion. 

No more fear. 

Only this thing.

This wiggly bit of everything. 

Fear is the DEVIL. 

Tell me otherwise?

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