it’s cause I am a suffering beast

—chew on all the bad—that’s on the outside—a solitary thought —can salivate—on all fours—it growls—at the gate—it separates—its skin—from its bones—soul intact—a fiend—a beast—a silent agreement—and here we go—mind chatter sleeps on its side—I lick it up—I’m lucky to savor—I swallow—and taste everyone you’ve ever loved—everyone you’ve ever hated—a simple meditation—sends me twitching—hands that touch—reflect everything—I am one of every fiber of women—I am three of every spray—I am all you’ve ever tasted—and it all lands on its feet—go inside and feel me—you can’t believe I’m walking with this pussy between my legs—now that you know what it feels like—can you imagine not having it?—can you feel the pain of those who lost me?—

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