fuck you Venus

Oh Venus, why are you retrograding?

Why must you bring a squall to a peaceful waterfall?

Just when I thought peace had finally reached me, here you are in your best dress and your reddest lipstick.



I don’t want old lovers or fears to surface.

Please, let them stay dead, right where I buried them.

I have been however, mourning my previous relationship.


Because I never actually did.

I pushed it aside, told myself I’d come back to it later.

Later turned to months, and now here I am, bleeding and ready to keep bleeding to hopefully heal and move the fuck on.


Lately, these nights of ours are magick.

They are dreams fleshed out.

They are moments that freeze and melt and freeze again.

There is laughter and dancing and tears, mostly from me because I don’t want to die and I keep falling in love with this human that chose to spend his life with me over and over and over and over…

We dance to Careless Whisper.

A song I never thought I’d share with anyone in this way.

A song that represents my innocence.

He represents my innocence.

It’s all surreal.

Love is beautiful.

But Venus wants to shake shit up.

Wants our roots to shoot down deeper.

To remember that anything that’s worth it, ain’t easy.




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