closing time

It’s funny.

It’s funny how I feel empowered after a few drinks.

everything is funny after a few drinks.

I’m yearning for everything that has legs and a pulse.

I want my heart to swallow my face, remind me that we are temporary.

this life needs to pull my hair, drip its perspiration on my brow.

Remind me that life is meant to be lived if only because it will one day leave.

what I am, is what you are.


what you hate, I love.

The things you see, I do not.

But that’s ok, I am only here temporarily.

burn that midnight oil with me?

remind me that it’s not the destination but the journey. read me passages from books you love, and sing your favorite lyrics to me…badly

I will love every inch of your ugly, make it pretty, taste the ugly, make it froth, make it dream.

i’m drunk and all I want is another drink.

all i want is you, next to me.

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