important and ugly

oh you know…

beauty is a term that means a million things to a million people.

there are fetishists and perverts who idolize it.

artists, models, actors and actresses, poets, musicians, the homeless, the disabled, people in comas, people with too much money, gorgeous flawless people, scarred and scared people who wish they were something other than what they are.

blind, burnt, hollow. full. fat. skinny. big ass. small tits. big heart. small brain. little feet. big hands.

beauty is equivalent to cards dealt drunkenly.

it is equivalent to a slot machine at 2 a.m..

a lottery ticket, half-scratched.



i’m sorry.



it’s all bullshit.

it means nothing.

…but I still often wish I were beautiful

the kind of beautiful that makes people weep.

the kind that makes people listen to whatever the fuck you have to say.

instead, I am loud.

chiming lungs, horn mouth, an orchestra in my laugh.

you’ll hear me coming miles away.

you’ll feel me coming.

you’ll hear me coming

i’m coming.



i’m here.


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