Yes folx, I did it. I made the move. It was hard to do it, mostly because I thought I was losing integrity. But, quite the opposite feeling took over me, and I am so grateful to be doing this. I already write daily, so—that part is easy. Here is the link in case you […]

a day like any other day

Billie Holiday plays from the record player,  and my tie-dye shirt is baffled at the contrast, at the serenity of the music  and the chaos of the traffic below, where does the clarinet fit in? Fears, well they, they are the end of everything. I have so many and I am constantly reminded that I […]

a day without pain

barren fur soft  cadaver in pieces a  puzzle, a  lantern in eyes  instead of candles to move around a  house  you’ve already memorized, lipped red  a scandal  in the bedroom, a subtlety  in grocery aisles— unmarked but stolen from,  you are a bank robbed  and feathers plucked you are all  that makes annihilation and nothing […]


there are certain things that stick,  San Gabriel Valley things,  that sink into a poem… this is a drink and a cheers  for a moment in time,  I want to leave behind— Valley Blvd., 605 duck farm, Bassett, unincorporated “town,” in or near or alongside La Puente which translates to Bridge,  and known among the locals as Bridgetown… […]

google search me

google search me under Ingrid Calderon and the girl with no eyebrows appears, crooked stance, straight smile—a carving in the fold of her cleavage/ google search me under Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins, and the woman with eyebrows appears,spine erect, crooked smile—a carving in the fold of her cleavage/ still, everything isunhappiness and happinessstill lives in the breasts of my laughter,poison sometimes cures, and when it doesn’t,it resembles bread squished between palms,blood on nailbeds and scars from when I mattered so […]

allusion of illusion

speak basic and listen to the flowery poets of our time, the ones that say so much with so much and so much and say nothing at all. the ones that hate Bukowski but love Cheesecake Factory,  yes you,  I see you,  but I still love you,  because unlike you,  I know everyone is flawed […]

Bourdain and I in Paris with a book (a dream)

I woke up on the other side of eyelidswhere all the people and events reclinecoagulated into a mess of y’all and let’s go! Anthony Bourdain has preoccupied my mind for a few days, so has the cover of my new book, a few enemies and the eventual perhaps of Paris. Exes and hexes Juvenile excitement of the small […]

Jacarandas in May

We got married when the jacarandas were in bloom— hotel rooms listened to us make love as husband and wife. We got married in private—quarantined in our vows, we told no one. This was our choice and our day, our way—the city hollered purple in celebration—why wait?!! We didn’t. We got married when the jacarandas […]


mimic,  pretend  you’re sadistic  and sloppy, a body of riots silenced, the shadows you cast  object the way your body moves,  they send mathematics to cut you in half you’re a negative fraction,   a curve  and a flat line  congruent or solid,  I’m not good with numbers, or equations I’m better at signaling ships,  idling […]

tiny blessings

I’m an average name  behind eyes,  a cylindrical laugh in the thighs,  I simmer and boil and decline,  a plane crash swooped with a spine,  or a flight of a wing intertwined the cure in my blood  is the balm,  obtained from the sun when it’s calm some of us are lucky that way,  to […]